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IRCSTUDIO srl has recently implemented its Quality Management System and gained the certification UNI EN ISO9001 (No. IT300109-1) by the certification body Bureau Veritas in order to improve business processes and increase customer satisfaction.


Our corporate principles that guided us in the implementation of the Quality Management System are shown below:

Company Vision: To distinguish ourselves in the sector in which we operate for our values ​​of Innovation, Responsibility and Competence that guide us in carrying out each task.

Company Mission: To provide technical consultancy services in the field of construction and construction engineering with particular attention to the needs of the customer in terms of flexibility and speed of solutions

Company Values: Innovation, Responsibility and Competence

Scope of Certification: Consultancy for technical due diligence, project management, project monitoring. Assumption of Work Direction, safety coordination during design and execution, Works Manager. Fire prevention design.

Management Commitments:

  • Involve and sensitize people on the importance that everyone can have in carrying out their duties, in reporting and resolving non-conformities through the proposal of mitigation actions

  • Arrange the necessary resources in terms of human capital and equipment, necessary for the functioning of the processes

  • Prevent any non-compliance, optimizing process management in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, implementing risk management through the philosophy of "Risk Based Thinking"

  • Operate in compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to the products and business processes by dialoguing with the Authorities and collaborating with the Institutions guaranteeing maximum correctness and transparency in relations and providing complete, reliable and clear information


  • To ensure compliance with the qualitative, quantitative, temporal, economic and safety requirements of its product and service offerings, in compliance with  regulations, taking the requests of all Stakeholders in the highest consideration, and implementing logics for the prevention of compliance;

  • Implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard,

  • Ensure an adequate level of training and information for all staff, with a view to Empowerment and Knowledge Management;

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction, ensuring compliance with the requirements set out by the customer and stakeholders from a qualitative, quantitative, and workplace safety point of view, as well as the quality / price ratio of products and services, by focusing on operational efficiency of product design, implementation, delivery and assistance processes. Furthermore, greater emphasis and space will be given to visibility and communication, through the development of effective internal and external information actions


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